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Free Registration - use this for evalution and testing purposes.

This will also give you access to the free edition of J+social

Note the free edition has no visual integration into Joomla, it will install elgg and setup the user syncronization between the two frameworks.

Accessing the community with the free edition is with a URL such as

The professional edition allows both the community URL as well as visual integration.

The professional editon also has tools for the administration of Elgg.

$49 JSocial Professional Main Com + Plg

Introducing J+Social the seamless integration between Elgg and Joomla.

Elgg is arguably one of the most powerful open source social networking engines available today.
In Elgg, everything runs on a unified data model, based on atomic units of data called entities.

Anything can be associated with similar entities, for example when you enter your city into your profile,
simply clicking the link that elgg creates will bring up every member who has also entered that city on their profile, or anywhere in the site for that matter.

Anything can be associated with anything. It's a mind blowing concept which Elgg has implemented better than any other system (that we know of).
Because of this unique data model until now it's been a real chore to Use Elgg along side Joomla J+Social treats Elgg like a Joomla component yet maintaining the full power that Elgg makes available as a social network.

Now you can use the most power CMS and the most powerful social networking engine together with the clicks of a few buttons.
Some exciting plugins for Elgg allow for draggable widgets, Customizable profiles like myspace and multiple other extensions from photo galleries to interconnected ecommerce sitewide stores.

Features of the Extension:

  • Install Elgg via the Joomla installer
  • Provides an interface on the backend of Joomla with links directly to the main page, admin and plugins
  • Provides an installer for Elgg Mods which will install Elgg mods via Upload or Direct URL
  • syncronizes Joomla and Elgg users via Joomla and Elgg plugins
  • provides a menu link to the Elgg community
  • has three buttons for logges in users which will put elgg into a Popup window, Remove the Joomla shell and load the community directly and load the community in a separate window.
This plan will give you access to updates for 1 year to the main Component and plugin used to merge elgg into Joomla.

J+Social is a joomla component which installs Elgg as part of Joomla and allows for syncronization of users between the two frameworks. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project, Open Source Matters, or Curverider Ltd.  Both frameworks are licensed under V2 of the GNU GPL.