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Elgg + Joomla = J+Social


J+Social is a bridge between Elgg and Joomla.

Elgg & Joomla are both free and open source frameworks together they provide the components you need to build a fully-featured social environment, including:

  • Content Management
    Joomla is one of the leading content management systems available today with more than 5000+ addons to meet any of your website/networking needs.

Elgg and Joomla together with J+Social you can add the following features to your website:

  • Addons
    Elgg has almost 1000 addons available to extend your social network Get Extensions (note some may need to be modified to work with the J+Social Bridge, drop us a note in bug, slugs and plugs if you need help)

  • Profiles
    Elgg comes with default profile fields that can be extended or completely customized by the site administrator.
  • Activity Streams
    The granular activity stream feature ensures you keep up to date with all site activity.
  • Blogging / Microblogging
    Blogging and microblogging functionality that is both powerful, yet simple to use.
  • Groups
    Collaborate around specific topics via public, private or hidden groups.
  • Access controls
    Control who can access your content.
  • Web Services API
    Expose functionality through the REST API by building a plugin and then either publish the API for other developers to build clients or provide your own.
  • Simple templating and function extending
    With Elgg's powerful structure of overrides you can add design or function far easier than ANY OTHER framework for example to add a new style simply make a plugin with the same directory structure as the default elgg theme and add any files you want to override, when enabled your styles and functions will take priority over the core features, developing for a framework has never been simpler.
  • See more features

What makes J+Social a better framework for your website than those other over priced scripts?

1/3 the cost at only $49 for the professional version
Other popular social networking extensions for Joomla cost as much as $150  per installation plus the cost of each addon costing as much as $300-$500 per installation. With J+Social once you subscribe you can use the bridge on as many of your own websites as you like. Your subscription covers program updates for 1 year. Plus the features included in the Core Elgg install give you functionality you would have to pay for with other extensions such as file management, blogging, and group wiki pages.

Ajax loading of all aspects of your site
with J+Social your members can navigate to all the resources of your community without refreshing the page, this gives a higher quality feel to your site with speed and useability.

Standalone community
Other frameworks rely completely on joomla, with J+Social your members are not hindered by the content aspect and can visit the community directly without the clutter making your community far more appealing than the others.

Forget Groups Elgg supports full on Communities
The unique data structure of Elgg makes it available for your members to start their own communities similar to groups but with all the power and functionality of your communities resources, so not only can the group share forums, wiki's blogs and stores they can start their very own communities as subsites to yours.

Mobile usability
while other frameworks are rushing to catchup on mobile use of their communities Elgg is moving on to even more advances features since Mobile use is already available simply visit this site with your mobile phone to see what we mean, you can check your message, see the datastream and control all of your integrated networks from your phone.

Both elgg and Joomla are widely used accross the world, Look at some of these sites:

Sites Using Joomla:

Sites Using Elgg:

J+Social is a joomla component which installs Elgg as part of Joomla and allows for syncronization of users between the two frameworks. is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Joomla! Project, Open Source Matters, or Curverider Ltd.  Both frameworks are licensed under V2 of the GNU GPL.